How to always win at online roulette? Between myths and reality, a short guide to conscious play

There is no certain way to win at the game of roulette, neither in the traditional version, nor in the digital one. As with most casino games even in the case of roulette the outcome of the bets is purely based on chance: on the one hand, it is impossible to predict the exact movement of the ball (just think that even Einstein had tried the feat!), while, on the other hand, each spin turns out to be completely unrelated and independent from the previous ones, which is why the probability of a certain number coming out remains the same with each new play. Read more below.

Roulette: characteristics and purpose of the game

37 sectors in the famous French version or 38 in the American one (which also adds the double zero to numbers from 0 to 36) and a ball that whirls along the wall, in the opposite direction to that of the central cylinder, until it concludes its race indicating the winning number: the game of roulette is as fascinating as it is simple and it is no surprise that it has become one of the most popular symbols of casinos, online and otherwise.

Roulette game systems: why you should be wary

Roulette gambling strategies can deceive players, convincing them of their reliability because they are objectively based on a mathematical basis.

The logic is the following: you decide, for example, to bet only on Red and every time you lose, in the next spin, you double the amount of your stake. By doing so, it will also be possible to take shelter from a long series of negative outcomes: sooner or later a red number will come out again and it will be possible to recover the amount spent and earn proportionally.

A practical example can help clarify this strategy. Decide to bet 5 euros on red and, at the end of the round, your bet is a loser. So, you bet on the same outcome again, bringing the stake amount to 10 euros. Assuming a second defeat, the strategy would require playing again, this time betting 20 euros. With the release of red, you would find ourselves winning 20 euros, equal to exactly what you lost previously (15 euros in total), plus a small margin of 5 euros.